When the crisis hit the heart
You get rid of the fog comes
When hearts exult
You were a million laughs
Mutual of us make life more meaningful
We nurture friendships give a million colors
Maturity teaches me a sense
True Friend never knew the word hate
The ups and downs we face
Distance could not keep us away from the dream
Friend ….. Although distance has separated us
But the memories of togetherness is always there
Until we arrange a meeting later Lord
can be proud of to the world
What a wonderful friendship that we nurture


Friends do not look bad, beautiful, rich, poor, when met, and how to arrange a meeting at
all will remain beautiful and with
That’s a true friend


Friends sometimes fighting, mutual anger, but only true friends who can reduce anger, ego, emotions and apologize in advance without any doubt
That is a true friend


friends always inspire peers
no jealous, no mutual envy, resentment and envy
they shared a laugh together
That’s a true friend


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